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Why Your Conversions is Limited?

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Limited conversions is a common problem in ecommerce business. Improve conversion rates is an important task of all business owners because it will directly affect the business. Higher conversion rates means that you will have higher revenues.

Everyone understands that conversion rate is important, but to improve it, we have to know about what factors that can impact conversion. Today, I will help you to summary some main factors which can limit your conversion.

Why visitors abandon shopping cart

Here are the stats of the main reasons why customers abandon their carts:


We can see that there are serveral reasons which makes consumer abandons their carts. The unexpected shipping cost is a biggest reason with 28%, 23% abandon because they need to create new account to continue checkout, 16% was just conducting research…

Suggestions to fix:

  • Show shipping cost upfront
  • Enable guest checkout
  • Simplify checkout process


How likely are you to buy products you left in your cart, if they are offered again at a discounted price? Let’s see the picture below.


So, in the age group of 25-34, 72% of them are very likely to buy products with discounted price. And the study shows that price-led promotions with flexible discounts have been responded positively by 54% of the shoppers that participated in the survey.

Suggestions to fix:

  • Use proper abandoned cart reminder email system and offer discounts to recover the lost sales as not all cart are abandoned forever.

Free Shipping


24% shoppers will spend more to qualify for free shipping. If your total order amount doesn’t qualify for free shipping, how likely are you to buy more to become eligible for it?

Suggestions to fix:

  • Increase per order value by offering free shipping above a certain threshold.



55% shoppers find reviews important for making purchase decisions. How important are customer review for you to make a buying decision?

Suggestions to fix:

  • Focus on getting reviews from satisfied customers.


53% buyers say facebook informs their purchase decisions.

Which social networks keeps you most informed about the latest in online shopping? (18-34 age group)


Women chose Pinterest over Twitter as their second most preferred platform:


Suggestions to fix:

  • When you go for the paid social campaign make sure you select the right social network and targeted the right age group.

These stats below will give you some interesting informations:


Traffic from Facebook has the highest conversion rate of 1.85%. Focus more on Facebook while designing the new social media strategy…


25% buyers say Facebook informs their purchase decisions. How likely are you to checkout a product if your friend shares it on a social nework? (18-24)…


80% of consumers say low number of social shares do not bother them. Do low number of social shares affect your decision to buy from an online store?

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