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Virtuemart 3 templates: Create attractive online stores with impressed templates

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Business online is a strong way to reach success and it becomes popular day by day on the world. Belong with the popularity of online trading, many application and software support to the online store owners. Magento and Virtuemart are the hottest keywords that are finding by many people this time. They make online store owners create and manage the website easily and more effectively. Now, Virtuemart 2 was upgraded to Virtuemart 3 version with many improvements.


Virtuemart 3 released.

Improvements of Virtuemart 3

  • Virtuemart 3 developed as a robust core providing a cleaner structure and less code. It is reduced the dependencies on Joomla but increased, on the other hand, the integration.
  • It supplies your website a modem appearance and makes it easier to adjust standards for different layouts in one overridable file
  • The input data is very unified which makes it is more stable than updates thanks to the input data is very unified which makes
  • It has better compatibility thanks to the new core with an advanced improved cart
  • It will prevent needless configuration problems.
  • The new custom fields with new options, redesigned and a lot more flexible to use
  • It can be compatible with Joomla 2.5.x and Joomla 3 with a clean architectural structure. New internal program caches reduce the SQL queries for the most used tasks by more than 25% and performance of both front and backend will be improves

Some impressed Virtuemart  3 templates

With the above enhancements of VirtueMart 3, I guess you want to install it for your online store immediately.  There is an issue that Virtuemart 3 is a brand new version so that the quantity of Virtuemart Joomla 3 templates that are compatible with Virtuemart 3 is not various. But, do not worry because you can find various templates in the CMSMART marketplace, we are working so hard for Virtuemart 3 templates. For example, let see some impressed Virtuemart Joomla 3 templates as below:

VirtueMart Printing Template

Joomla Virtuemart Printing Company Template: a new responsive layout with full customizations and strong features. This Template is special for online printing shops to receive printing orders from customers.


Virtuemart Furniture Template

Joomla Furniture Virtuemart Template: a fresh and modem web design can attract any owner of furniture shops and customers. The design is also unique with images slideshow and the mega menu with multiple columns styles. The template contains product galleries or catalogs to present a range of furniture products. Your customers will enjoy unique functions for them to shop faster.


Bakery Virtuemart Template

Joomla Bakery Virtuemart Template: an excellent Joomla template for an online Bakery site with a hot color that brings up the taste of hungry.  It is also equipped with Delivery Plugin by Netbase team.


Fashion VirtueMart Template

Joomla Fashion VirtueMart Template: a impressed online fashion shop thanks to a dropdown multiple columns menu, banner slides on Frontpage with various effects, stylish logos, a banner column for advertisement, the latest and featured products on front page, video clips, news, blog, and Mega menu with all information of a fashion shop.


And many others Virtuemart Joomla templates that you can see and feeling though CMSMART website CMSmart.net. Now all you need to do is downloading those templates, installing the Quickstart on your hosting in just 5 minutes. You will be ready to sell any product as you want.

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