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The Value of UX – What We Should Understanding

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If you play a part in online business in the role of buyers or seller, you may not be strange with the term “Users Experience – UX”, which sometimes seems to be abused. You can hear people mentioning and talking about it every day but not all of them can provide the actual meaning of how UX Design satisfy the user. Therefore, besides setting the goal of selling products, business owners also desire to find explicit definition about how UX design can benefit them and their customers. The fact proves that it is not an easy task since people tend to pay attention more to “design” in User Experience Design rather than “user”. From the point of view of professional designers, we believe that user should be placed as the first consideration whenever designing anything.

Understanding value

The relationship between give and take, regardless of different form, is set in their foundation in values. Or in other word, value is the end of different relationship chain. Let’s take an example:

A pet: when you raise it, you need to give your responsibility and caring, what you can take is happiness and love.

My clients: when I provide them an agency-like quality delivered without the bureaucracy, the goods can deliver on time. I can build a long term relationship and goodwill with my clients in return.

Social media brings us the latest news, shorten the distance between my friends and I. in return, I bring these social media content and engagement, it is really valuable.

What does this have to do with UX Design?

The answer is so simple; UX design will be the great technique to arrange product’s value of one company in the correct position that can fit to users’ expectation. Aligning those value equal or more than they expect can make your users satisfied or even overwhelmed. Remember: never leave them disappointed due to too much expectation.

Time and attention: every day experiences have a cost

You may divide time you spend to five tasks equally, but the attention you pay to each of them is not the same. Attention is a far more limited resource than time.

You may spend several hours browsing Facebook but how can you said that during that time, you totally focus on the information on Facebook. If business owner use “time spent on site” as the measurement of success, it is not thought as the good metric. Longer time does not mean more attention.

Learn to create valuable UX

To say in clear and concise way, designing for UX is a lot more layered and higher level than understanding how button placement can affect a user’s decision making.

It is similar to experience respects how the user will use it and not be demanding, or neglectful, of their attention.


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