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Why should open online book store with Virtuemart book store template?

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Booksellers first appeared in about 300BC, which stimulated by the appearance of the first library. It can be said that bookselling is a longstanding industry in the world. Although from the first start, the bookselling industry hasn’t had too many explosions like other industries it has always developed at a very steady speed. It’s not exaggerated that it has been the billion industry.

However, with the advent of the Internet, modern bookselling has changed dramatically and took an enormous step forward just in several years. To satisfy the reading culture and demands of readers all over the world, besides the huge such as Amazon, eBay, book sales, now, have been put into the hands of the small business owners. It is also the reason why online bookstore develops day by day, even with the amount exceeds more than brick and mortar stores. In this article, we will make a list of benefits of the online bookstore and why you should operate a store with a Responsive Virtuemart  Book Store Template. Now, let’s start:

Advantages of an online bookstore:

  • Lower set-up costs: Rent, utility bills will be not required
  • Target global customer base
  • Lower Operational cost: Completely automated process from product selection, invoice generation to payment
  • Easy to scale without any additional cost
  • Add an unlimited number of products through CMS
  • Easy to manage live/work from anywhere around the world
  • Operational 24/7/365 for customers
  • Complete product details available to ALL customers through the product description, images, and videos to guide buyers to make the right decisions
  • Easy for customers to leave reviews and promote products by emails and social media
  • Offer personalized shopping experience based on the previous buying habits and history
  • Real-time tracking of product inventory and efficient inventory management

Virtuemart Responsive Book Store Template

Virtuemart book store template
Click image to see DEMO

This product is another Joomla template from the Netbase team on Cmsmart, it is powered by the Ecommerce component Virtuemart. When designing this template, the target of our professional development team is always LESS IS MORE. Therefore, without containing too much rushes, your website appearance will be clean and simple, brings your customers a better shopping experience. Here is the list of the outstanding feature of Virtuemart Responsive Book Store Template for you to refer:

  • Home page: on the home page, like Amazon, you can display the hottest event, featured products, new arrivals or ads depending on your priorities. The homepage is designed in rows of blocks. You can show a variety of products on different intentions.
  • Detail layout: a large space will allow you  to display main images, detail of product, product information tabs, promotion, and many others
  • Read instantly: The Virtuemart book store template has a unique design allowing readers to view the front page and read the first chapter of the book they choose.
  • Powerful Mega Menu: The backend interface lets you define a number of modules around the menu items.
  • Center search box: Customers can type a keyword in the search box and choose a category before hitting the search button and the search results will appear immediately.
  • Drop-down shopping cart: it works based on Ajax loading; therefore, you can add/delete products to shopping cart without refreshing entire page
  • Home page slideshow
  • HTML5 and CSS3: improve loading speed.


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