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What Important for Ecommerce Website in 2016?

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E-commerce has been a rapid development in recent years. However, go along with the development, the level of competition is also increasing. 2016 will continue to bring more challenges for the world of eCommerce. According to Forrester, the worth of services and products that U.S. eCommerce industry alone will sell an estimated $355 to $393 billion. With the search and demand increasing by the year, ecommerce will be the war of all CMOs worldwide and who have higher competition and more inventive will be the winner.

So, if you are an ecommerce website owner, this article will be useful with you. We will talk about 3 most important aspects of ecommerce website that have direct effect and are likely to bring success in business in 2016.

Social Media Marketing

It seems that many business owners are still skeptical about the true potential of Social Media Marketing. According to Shopify, the Return on Investment through SMM is continuously on the increase. And today, seems that Facebook is dominating in this sector.

In fact, the conversion rates of all traffic from social media channels are 1.85%, and Facebook is responsible for 85% of them in total. There is an impressive number that on a sample of 529, 000 purchases coming only through this platform. In 2016, you won’t need to move from Facebook to some other platform, just invest in your SMM smart. So, keep in mind that focus is extremely important and continuing to investing in your Facebook channel in order to improve other potential channels.

Going Offline for the sake of Online

This is a very interesting trend that on a rise. The ecommerce site owners are opening brick and mortar store in accordance to the response that they get online. Their store will place at where they can drive the most traffic and eventually sales. This is logical and it was just a matter of time when will someone put this idea into practice.

In 2016, the trend is building a successful ecommerce website first. And after that, depend on your revenue and data that you acquire from the market you will decide to open up a brick and mortar store where you get a great deal of traffic from. Opening an actual physical shop is just simple like you are answering the evident need of your customers. Interesting fact is that this sort of action diminishes investments on demographics and research analysis in general.

Optimizing Shopping Cart

Did you know that 28% of visitors abandon their shopping carts because of the unexpected cost? If you are a business owner, you have to be aware that the majority of customers are successfully adapting to this form of trade. There is a fact that 81% of online shoppers perform a research before they make a purchase, and that statistic is even higher in B2B ecommerce.

To adapt the need of customers, you need to provide your customers what they are looking for and always make your prices transparent and accessible.The simpler process of purchase will bring more conversions. The alternative online payment systems are what you should consider.

Simplify your shopping cart and checkout process which allows customers can use with ease. Try to remove all unnecessary errors like: require customers must create new accounts before checkout, or the security concerns, etc… A perfect checkout process will bring higher conversion rates and also brings more sales.


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