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How to install Virtuemart on Localhost?

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VirtueMart is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms today. Although people often think that installing Virtuemart is quite difficult because you have to know about code and knowledge and understanding about Joomla. However, the reality is not so. You can easily test the installation of this platform through a few basic steps. In this article, I will introduce you to a few simple steps to install Virtuemart on localhost. Let’s start.

First, you need to download Xampp (to have the localhost) for your computer.

Xampp stand for

  • Cross-Platform(X),
  • Apache(A),
  • MySQL(M) also Sometimes (M) refers to MariaDB,
  • PHP(P)
  • Pearl(P)

This is the most prevailing, free and open-source cross-platform which is one solution to run your web test.

Download and install Xampp very simple. You only search “download Xampp” on google. Choosing the Xampp program must compatibility with the operating system on your computer. Finally, Download. It is easy, isn’t it?


Next, you will install the VirtueMart Platform.

Step 1: Create a Database.

First, you have to click “Xampp-control” in the Xampp folder, start “Apache” and “MySQL”.

Then, write localhost/PHPMyAdmin on the bar in your browser.

Finish, create a new database: click new, write “name” database, choose type data and create. You must remember your name database.

create database

Step 2: download Virtuemart.

On Google, you search “Virtuemart” go to link Virtuemart.net. Next, click “Download” to go to the Download page. Then, click “Download Now” (Full installer include Virtuemart and Joomla). You will have a Zip File.

Go to Xampp => “htdocs” folder =>create a “newfolder” (name you chose)

You unzip file “Virtuemart” go-to “newfolder”. Finish step download.

download virtuemart

Step 3: Install VirtueMart.

Write localhost/newfolder (name you chosed) on bar in browser, begin install and Follow the instructions.

Do not forget “name” database you created.

install Virtuemart on localhosst

So, you complete working “install Virtuemart on localhost”. It’s simple, right. I hope that this article has brought some useful information for you. You can find some Virtuemart Solutions on CMSmart Marketplace. If you have any questions, you can contact us. We are willing to support you.

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