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The future of Joomla will be so bright

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On the development way of technology, we have observed a lot of changes. A lot of innovations in terms of both the entire industry and how things are done. Besides the brand new things, of course, there will still be the things that continue with their popular trend. More and more people are sticking to them, in this case, I mean Joomla. It can be said that Joomla has its own space, its own foothold in the Internet market.

The market is also shared for other e-commerce platforms but Joomla still knows how to improve its position. How to stay ahead of the other systems? From the time Joomla version, 3.4 appeared, a lot of things have changed. Those changes help Joomla keep their market share because they are been applaud. Although the data collected revealed that the download of Joomla is still behind WordPress, Joomla always takes a considerable amount of e-commerce platform users.


The situation of Joomla

I think most of you know that Joomla has blocked support for the 2.5 version as well as all versions before that. This proactive action proves that developers want to focus on the upcoming versions and providing support for the latest versions rather than just go with the old version.

One interesting thing is that the latest version of Joomla comes with the latest versions

  • The new security features,
  • The provision of Microdata implementations, JavaScript libraries, Cloud API
  • Advantages more improved page load and ultra-light load.

With Joomla users, those features are not just an improvement or upgrade meant cynically, they are all the revolutionary features you can not find it anywhere else.

Joomla has taken a long step by consolidating the higher PHP version as the prerequisites and also to factor authentication. This step is so meaningful because it will reduce the weight of core by providing the extensions not used often externally.

Why is the future of Joomla bright?

Whatever happens, Joomla will still be one of the most downloaded e-commerce platforms. If you visit many government websites in the US and other countries, you will find that they are almost built by Joomla. Government websites are usually reluctant to adopt free CMS. Thus when they choose Joomla, it means that they trust Joomla and are confident hat Joomla is here to stay.

One convincing evident for me to believe in the bright future of Joomla is the growing community of Joomla users. I see more and more people join the Joomla community and most of them are happy when using it. This community is so important because it is where users can find the solution for their site.

Joomla is so opened to the newest advancements. which is an advantage when developers decide to carry out mobile integration? There will be an app supporting to manage the website from the phone.

With Joomla, the installation process is so easy, even it can become easier and more simple in the future with no coding skills required. There will be a lot of advancements that will be taken for Joomla in 2017 and I believe that it will be a promising year for Joomla.

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