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B Metis Responsive Joomla Template

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B Metis template is an appealing, flat, responsive Joomla 3 Template for Joomla users who wish to create a flexible, ultra-modern and tidy website, especially lifestyle magazine owners. The customizable ability of B Metis also enabled its users to create websites for multi-purposes. Furthermore, for people who is looking for a responsive Joomla template for both Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3, B Metis is one of the best.

  • B Metis Responsive Joomla 3 Template

Best Rated Multi-purpose Joomla 3 template for Business Website

  • Totally Joomla 3 Responsive

With Responsive B Metis Joomla 3, you can rest assured that every pixel will respond as it should on your slider, no matter if your visitors on desktop, mobile or tablet.

  • Outstanding B Image Slider 3

The version 3 of B Image Slider is one of the leading extensions being responsive with Joomla 3, which support users to see full images in any portable devices. B Image Slider 3 is the good choice thanks to its great customization ability, supported by CSS3 and HTML 5

  • Flash-free that make it compatible cross devices (like iPad, iPhone)

Multi-transaction and animation effects. Add more animation effect to the slider to make an interesting website browsing experience.

– A smart light box showing content of slide makes users know what content of the next slide is

– Flexible layout using parameters So you get to customize the slider by changing height, length, number and caption of slides

  • Eight stunning colors variation

B Metis will give you more choices to design websites thanks to eight colors variation for this template, including grey, orange, pink, red, pearl, persian green, viridian and blue. Let’s colorize for your styles!

  • Highly customizable modules

Thanks to 15+ highly customizable and powerful modules with the ability of automatically replacing, you can deliver the best content presentation to your visitors.

  • 62 Different Service Icons

B Metis comes with great typography and 62 different service icons you can choose from and use it to present your services more vivid. One-click demo imported with Joomla 3.x extensions included

  • B Social Extensions
  • B Image Slider
  • B Headline Roller
  • B Drop Down Menu
  • B Drop-Down Menu

This simple B Drop down Menu extension shows your menu in a dropdown-style and as many levels of items as you want. It’s simple for visitors to have overall idea about content of your Joomla web. It’s highly compatible with web browsers, so there is no more concern about compatibility. Thanks to the upgrade to Joomla 3.3, B Metis now becomes even more powerful because it is responsive with all device screens.

  • B Headline Roller

If you are looking for a tool to demonstrate hottest contents of your website easily and effectively, B Headline Roller is one of the top choices. It is a rolling text box showing short introduction, which is able to customized and linked to a particular page. The best application of this Joomla extension is to inform lastest releases, hot deals or product updates. B Headline Roller utilizes the web space and saves times to create impression with readers. Targeted content consumers are segmented easily to bring more leads

  • B Social Extensions

Including B Facebook Recommendation module, B Facebook Activities Feeds module, B Social Plugin, B Social Extension is a great bundle in this reign of social media.

  • Facebook Activities Feeds: This Joomla extension shows users what their friends are doing on the website through like and comments.
  • Facebook Recommendations: This Joomla extension give users personalized suggestions for pages on a website they might like.


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