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The Anatomy of Perfect Checkout Page for VirtueMart Website

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Checkout is the final step on the way of making a purchase, but the fact is there are many online shoppers drop their carts right at the first step of checkout. The checkout issues are one of the biggest reasons that make 68% of all ecommerce shoppers abandon their cart.

Do you know how to create a perfect checkout page for your Virtuemart website? Do you know how to optimize your checkout page for the best converions? If you don’t, this article is for you!

Here is the anatomy of a good and optimized checkout page:

Login and Registration Section


  • Registration, login and guest checkout: offer both a client login (with registration) and guest checkout to give consumer options. Not all shoppers want to sign up for an account… So don’t make them if this is their preference!

The Shopping Cart Section


  • Cart review: allow shoppers to review their cart (and make changes) before proceeding to the checkout. Consumers often make last-minute changes and offering an easy cart review (alongside quantity and item removal options) helps to improve purchase completion.
  • Product thumbnails: by including a thumbnail image of each product at the cart stage, you can offer an easy visualisation makes it easy for consumers to review their carts.
  • Order summary: by eliminating any ‘surprise costs’ at the final stage, cart drop-offs are likely to decrease. So make sure that you had summarised the order subtotal, taxes, delivery and total prices in the cart information area.
  • Proceed to checkout button: large “proceed to checkout” button in a contrasting colour to the rest of the page. Making the primary call to action stand out helps to encourage clicks to the checkout.

The Checkout Section


  • Delivery options: give multiple delivery options alongside estimated delivery timeframes with the cheapest as default. Offering clear options helps to reinforce that shopper has multiple choices.
  • Simple address fields: Keep shipping address fields concise and use a “same as shipping” button so details often don’t need to be entered twice. Adopting the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle keeps the checkout simple and quick to complete.
  • Payment options & logos: offer more than one payment option and clearly display the logos of providers and accepted cards. Familiar payment methods strengthen trust, and displaying more than one payment option increases conversion of one of those options fails.
  • Security cues: use high-visibility SSL certificates to provide clear security cues, increasing visitors’ trust and encouraging sales. 53% of consumers recognise that the padlock symbol, achieved using an SSL, means greater safety. Just 3% of consumers surveyed would give their credit card details to sites without the padlock symbol.
  • Complete order button: large “complete order” in a constrasting colour to the rest of the page. Reduce drop-offs by making the final step the process clearly visible.

The Confirmation Section


  • Order number: clearly display the order number at the top of the page. A simple confirmation of an order number reassures that the order has been received.
  • Contact details: display a number of contact options in case a customer has questions. Doing this showcases you are happy to resolve any issues or order errors quickly.
  • Guest sign up: give those who used the guest checkout the opportunity to sign up to an account. Many are happier to create an account once an initial purchase has been made.


If you are not a professional web developer or professional designer, you still probably build a good checkout page for your ecommerce store by yourself. The One Step Checkout extension for Virtuemart is the best checkout solution for every Virtuemart website. You can find more info about this awesome product at:

Virtuemart One Page Checkout

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