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14 Tips for Good eCommerce Product Pages

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The final purpose of business owners when creating a website is purchasing product and service, attracting visitors just the prerequisite. How can you motivate them to click and enrich your revenue is a question when the products are almost the same among different supplier. You should pay more attention to design your ecommerce product pages to show the pages’ convenience as well as your professional and credibility. Here are the 14 best tips for your ecommerce product pages:

1/ Big and Beautiful Images

An image is even more valuable than any your description about products, it affects directly on their decision making. It should be enticing, zoom able, definitely be placed above the fold and must be of jaw-dropping quality.

2/ 360-Degree View

When choosing online shopping, it means that customers cannot touch the products, they almost can enjoy them through images and it will be really wonderful if you maximize their choosing experience by 360-degree view. DueMaternity agreed that conversions from products that featured 360 degree views increased by 27% in comparison to the original (two dimensional product images).

3/ Prominent Call to Action

The call to action (CTA) will be the powerful supporter for photos. It could say ‘add to cart’ or ‘buy now’ or anything, but the most crucial thing is easily recognizable and compelling the customer to act.

4/ In Trust Badges we Trust

When customers decide their choice, all they need is a little reassuring nod before they enter that all-important checkout stage. You should add small message or safety logo to stimulate their confidence.

5/ Scarcity Compels Action

Time is also a factor that can determine your price level. The shorter time left will require higher price, it is scientifically proven. A recommendation for you is removing unnecessary time to mull over the purchase and making a sense of urgency.

6/ Jazz it up With a Video

Along with photo, 360-degree view, you ought to provide some unique demo video. You will see huge recall value they make and instructional videos assume even more importance when you are trying to sell something rather complicated.

7/ Compare The Price

Customers tend to be attracted by discount and promotion. Let’s show them the number, an impressive number. If you have no discount, that’s ok, you can show them how much they will end up saving by making that purchase. On the other hand, position the price as well as other information related to the buying decision as close to your CTA. Never create scattered information.

8/ The Stock Meter

Be honest in informing whether he item is available or not. When the “Not-in-stock” information is out there in the open, visitors can move on and find an alternative. But if you wait to inform them until they’re filling in credit card information, it’s almost certain they’ll abandon the cart and move to other suppliers.

9/ Customer Reviews

The results of iPerceptions study reveal that 61% of shoppers go through reviews before deciding their purchase and 63% of users believe in buying from a site that has customer reviews. Reviews should be in place lower down the page. So make do with a summary of average scores above the fold and let the customers scroll down for the heartfelt letters of appreciation.

10/ Product Description for Real People

You should give your customers information about the fabric, fit, size, style and other essential details. Throw the manufacturer’s product copy in the virtual garbage bin and write a compelling story equivalent to a charming salesperson. The art is in the way you create the product description.

11/ Make Them Spread The Word

Motivate your customers to generously share your product page. Put the icons that enable users to share the product at the easy-to-seen place and if possible, provide incentives for that behavior. You just might Pinterest your way to more-than-you-can-handle publicity.

12/ Enable Live Chat

In comparison to the number of 2009, US online shoppers went for a live chat increases by 15%. It is harmless in investing in a couple of polite support executives and enabling that live chat feature to enhance customer experience.

13/ Clear Shipping and Return Policy

You should clear in shipping fee. Customers will prefer no shipping charges, but if you requires, it is not problem if you are honest about it and don’t try to sneak in the expenses in the checkout stage. And do the same with return policy. Though you charge fee or not, be clear to your customers.

14/ Need For Speed

Speed is the factor not all owners care for. Don’t ignore the loading time of your page in the pursuit of new goals because customers will go away if you let them wait too long.


Source & Image @vwo.com

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